Traffic Generation - 7 Steps To Own It!
Part One

From the desk of: Joe Okoro
Time: 7.36am

Dear Prospective Internet Marketer,

If you've set up a website or online business and you have trouble getting visitors to your website, then you need to pay attention to this letter.

If you've set up an online business presently or in the past, and it has not made you any money because of the following reasons:

  • You don't have customers yet.

  • You've been banned by Facebook,

  • Your ads are not getting approved on Facebook

  • Your are unable to break even on your online advert

  • You're unable to build an email list from your advertising

  • Or you simply have the problem of getting people to see what you've got on your site,

  • Or any other reason(s) on traffic generation which I did not mention here.

Then you need to pay attention to the lessons I'll be showing you shortly.

This is because over the next one week or so...I am going to take you through a series of newsletters informing you exactly how I control traffic to my websites and how you can copy my method step by step.

Not only that, I will reveal how I was able to build over 90,000 (with 85,000 Active) subscribers and customers to my business easily using "kick ass" strategies that you can copy and use to get more customers, scale up your own internet business and make more money like you never had.

At the end, I will unravel the mystery behind why thousands of people who wish to make money online experience massive failure and how this can be fixed by simply learning how to do the one thing that determines success online and offline, which is learning how to implement targeted traffic generation.

But first of all, let me introduce myself...

I'm Joe Okoro, a veteran internet marketer and blogger. I've been marketing online for about 10 years. If you don't know me, it could be because I'm a private individual. People say I'm an enigma. Others wonder why I don't feature publicly in many internet marketing forums in Nigeria.

The reason is, I simply don't enjoy been seen in the public, where everyone is claiming to be a guru. Well, I'm no guru, just an ordinary guy who has learnt how to do some things better than the majority. Anyway, I think that is a story for another day. Maybe whenever we meet, I will tell you more about myself.

For now, I'm going to discuss a problem area that most people I have met online want a solution on. That area is called traffic generation.

Traffic generation is the most difficult thing many people who use the internet to generate an income have a major frustration with, simply because getting people to visit a website is not a very easy thing to do.

Just as it is in the real world, the most difficult thing to do in any offline business, is how to get customers to buy whatever products or services your company or business is offering to the world.

In this traffic series, I'm going to open your eyes to the reasons why you can't get enough traffic to your website, and why you should be able to generate enough traffic when you have laid down some basic foundations.

Why Do People Struggle To Get Traffic?

In the many years that I have been online, I discovered that the number one problem people who own websites struggle with is, how to get people to visit their websites.

The main reason why a lot of people struggle to get website visitors is simply because they do not have a solid plan in place to take their market to the next level.

Why do I say so?

I see that most people who set up websites, simply do not know what to do after their website is online. They look at different ways to bring traffic to their website and at the end of the day, even their best efforts and money spent to get that traffic is not enough to generate sufficient income to pay off the costs and make them a profit.

If you want to get predictable traffic to your website(s),
you need a strategy in place to be able to do this.

Here's what I mean.

A strategy is like a map or a compass that will help you to go from one location to the next. It can also be called a blueprint, that is a guide detailing the sequence of actions needed to generate a certain outcome.

With a good sequence of action, you know what has to be in place before another action is executed, and you know the outcome if the next action is taken.

The Blueprint I Use In My Businesses

I'm a blogger as you may already know. I operate in 4 different niche markets, and I have used the blog platform to build relationship in all of them.

There's a chance you may not know this method, but every internet marketer who has become successful selling digital information and services uses them to profit wildly.

And of course, it can be adapted to any business you own whether online or offline, as long as you have an online presence. This model that I'm about to reveal to you will always work in most markets.

I've always preached a part of this method, in one way or the other through my various newsletter publications to my dedicated and loyal readers.

Here's the 7 steps I take each time I want to start any business online

  1. I research a "hungry" market where people have money to spend.

  2. I register a name reflecting that market online, then install a WordPress blog with a theme that focuses on that market, and set up an email subscription form giving away free tips.

  3. I create a small report (product) focusing on the problem that the market is suffering from (This is my test product).

  4. I run a small advert to test the market. First, I build a small list of 500 subscribers, then I follow-up with them to see if I can convert 1% - 2% of these people to buyers. (That means, I need to sell 5-10 copies within the first 30 days from a list of 500 people)

  5. Once I get 5 - 10 buyers from step 4 above, I have just validated that the market is a good one to start with, then I start planning to create back end products.

  6. I take surveys from the buyers, and of course the other 500 subscribers on areas they would want products to be created. This gives me ideas or options for backend products, and I go on to create them.

  7. I invest back all the money made from the first 5 - 10 products sold to buy more traffic to expand and grow my list further, I then continue to grow a community of blog readers, and invest 20 - 40% of all income made every month thereafter back into buying more traffic and scale up from there.

Well, what I have just told you above is just a summary of what I do. There are more details to it though, but that is the basic outline.

Now you may ask, how does all of this relate to traffic generation?

I will tell you.

In my over 10 years of working online, I have discovered that there are two major areas people who own websites and those who want to make money online struggle with.

Those areas are:

1. Selecting or deciding on a market to focus on, and...
2. Getting traffic to the website when the selection is made

Now, take a closer look at the two problems above that almost everyone who work online faces, they are real obstacles.

If you get your market selection wrong, every other thing you do is a waste of time. You'll simply struggle to make a profit from the business.

You see, your making real money online depends on the
validation of the market you select. And to validate if your market
will make money online or not, you need traffic.

From my 7 steps above, there's simply no way for you to know if the market you select will make you money or not, if you don't run traffic through it, even if that topic is your hobby or passion.

It therefore means, that everything you do to set up your online business is mere assumptions, and they're validated to be successful or not once traffic is funnelled through it.

As you can see, there's just one thing you need to learn how to do very well if you must make any money online or offline. That thing is learning how to generate traffic at will.

And if you already own a website presently, and you still do not know how to drive traffic, you can still make a success of it, if you learn how traffic generation works.

And if you're a newbie who is interested in starting a new business online, learning how to generate traffic is the most important skill you need to have, because once you have a product in hand, whether an affiliate product or your own, selling it is no longer a problem because you know how to get buyers.

The question now is:

Do you presently have a market of people who will buy from
you whenever you have something valuable to offer?

You see the secret to generating income at will, lies in your ability to have a list of readers who love what you do.

Ever heard of marketers who make N500,000 - N1million per month? These marketers are not using any secret. The only secret they have is, they have the ability to generate traffic, convert some of those traffic to a community of people who are loyal to them via the content they publish periodically.

They are able to capture these people's interest, by channelling them to a list newsletter, where they
(the list owners) can always "Control" the attention of their list members (traffic) by directing them to offers, updates, and tips.

And each time this happens, the result is cash flow from sales generated. And as you know, no business survives without a steady cash flow.

To ensure that your cash flow is steady, you need to learn how to generate and control traffic.

How I Can Help You Overcome Your Traffic Problem

I can help you solve the problem of traffic or getting website visitors to your websites and blogs. I'm going to give you a blueprint and tools that will help you develop the skills and ability to reach an audience in any market you set your heart on, and whenever you need it.

And when you have this, you now have a "permanent" solution to the problem of traffic generation and consistent cash flow will now be the end result.

So what I'm basically giving you will end your money problems once you master the skill on how to generate traffic.

I have a product coming up on this very topic of traffic generation and  It's called the
Traffic Control Blueprint.

It's the answer to the problem of traffic generation that tens of thousands of newbies and people who are struggling with generating website visitors online have.

This course is a home study course detailing in several sets of videos and PDFs, the exact steps I take to generate over 1,000 daily website visitors to my blogs and websites.

In my next newsletter on this traffic control series, I will be showing you an insider look into how I generate over 1,000 daily website visitors.

It's going to be a video presentation and a newsletter like this analysing the content of the video and how I was able to build a huge email list of over 90,000 subscribers, almost 85,000 from this list are active subscribers, the rest 6000 plus are unsubscribes.

I will show you a video presentation of this in a couple of days time when you'll be hearing from me again.

That newsletter will be titled: "1,000 Daily Visitors: How I Do It!"

So watch your inbox for it.